Check and Cash has seven locations in Michigan's Upper Peninsula to serve you!



Iron Mountain



Sault Ste. Marie



Check and Cash is a company native to the Upper Peninsula.  We are locally owned and managed.  Being a locally owned company and having management from the local area, we feel we can understand our customer/friend on a more personal level.  We strive to provide the best in customer service.

Payday Advances
At Check and Cash, we advance you money on your personal checking account and hold it until your next payday. 

Western Union
You can send money anywhere in the world in just minutes.  Money can arrive within an hour or up to 24 hours.

Money Orders  $1.00

Electronic Bill Payments
Electronic Bill Payment is a service we offer for numerous companies.  This allows you to pay your bills through us, and only have a 3 day posting for your payment,- many post within 24 hours. 

Prepaid Credit Cards and more!
Another service we offer is Prepaid Visa.  You can use these cards wherever Visa is accepted.  These cards are a very nice option for on-line shopping, ordering over the phone, eBay purchases, going on vacation or reserving a hotel room.

Confidential and Professional.